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Feature Rollup: Overhauling The Offer Experience

We’re back at you with ANOTHER feature rollup… hope you don’t mind ;-)

We just finished our Ascender development cycle, which means we’re in the midst of rolling out some truly amazing additions to the Kajabi platform.

Today’s biggest updates revolve around significant enhancements to the Offer process!

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Make Your Business Family-Oriented With This Week's #kajabiheroes

This week’s #kajabiheroes are a family full of high and positive energy, and they host not one, but three different businesses on Kajabi!

Husband and wife team Crystal and Nelson share their passion to teach and train others to transform their lives physically and spiritually.

They do this with a brick-and-mortar weight loss and fitness studio, and their two online businesses they run on Kajabi, The Mallari Movement and R3VOLVELife.

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Let Yourself Shine Through With This Week's #kajabihero

This week’s #kajabihero is all about empowering and inspiring women to choose confidence.

Her personal motto is to, ‘shine bright’ so that everyone around you is encouraged to do the same. With her beautiful pink hair and tattoos of butterflies all over her arms, she daily lives out her passion for all the world to see.

I asked her the significance behind the butterflies and she said that they are the perfect picture of transformation, and since she experienced a few major transformations in the last few years, the butterfly was appropriate.

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Feature Rollup: Kajabi Assistant Updates

Another two weeks have gone by and you know what that means... time for another Feature Rollup!

We’re almost done with our Ascender development cycle, which means there are some REALLY BIG things coming on the horizon.

Today’s feature rollup has minor tweaks, but they will serve as a bridge for what’s to come.

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Filming an Online Course: Camera Gear 101

Before we get into camera gear and filming set ups, a few disclaimers…

#1: These Are Suggestions, Not Necessities

Keep in mind, the biggest contributor to your online business' success, the only thing that truly matters... is your content.

Your course HAS to be good if you want to succeed.

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