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Kajabi’s 5 Commandments Of Knowledge Commerce

Commerce is simply defined as “the activity of buying and selling”.

So when referring to Knowledge Commerce (like we do quite often here at Kajabi) all we’re simply referring to is the process of packaging up your unique expertise or knowledge and selling it online through a variety of digital products.

Each day there are thousands of new customers for online business owners just like you.

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6 Elements Of Successful Sales Letters

Part of being a Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur and selling your expertise online is being able to craft effective marketing which persuades prospects to try your product or service.

And while there are many ways your marketing messages can take form (take, for example, webinars that you can easily build inside Kajabi), sometimes there’s no better replacement in communicating your message than a tried and true sales letter.

While Kajabi has designed easy options to allow for both live and evergreen webinars, sometimes there’s no better replacement in communicating your message than a tried and true sales letter.

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How To Create Compelling Organic Content

You’ve most likely noticed a rise in the number of people on social media posting leadership style organic content. Whether it’s text, video, or even sometimes audio, this type of content is an effective marketing strategy in generating interest in any services or products you provide.

What Is Organic Content?

Organic content is essentially anything that you’re not paying to send traffic to. When you see people posting on their Facebook or Instagram pages (even if they have a call to action) that’s organic content.

When you see someone running ads on those same platforms, that’s obviously paid content.

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5 Tips To Make Your Marketing More Persuasive

As digital entrepreneurs, the more persuasive our marketing can be, the greater chance we have of not only succeeding for the long term but also in making the greatest impact in the lives of those we serve.

In a recent Forbes article, they stated that the average American is exposed to around 4,000 ads every single day. Most of them going completely unnoticed as we’ve become immune to businesses constantly shouting for attention.

Which is why it’s that much more important for us to make our marketing as persuasive as possible. If we don’t, not only will we lose, but the people who you could help will never have the chance to hear from you.

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The Million-Dollar One-Person Business Model

In Elaine Pofeldt’s new book “The Million-Dollar One-Person Business” she outlines what we here at Kajabi have known for quite some time...

The world is changing.

Scratch that. The world has changed.

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