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What Is Cold Email & How to Write an Effective Cold Email in 2018


Email isn’t exactly a neglected marketing medium, but it’s often misused. Since it’s so easy to send a mass email to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of subscribers, we often forget that email can also be intensely personal.

Cold emails are the perfect example of an underused art. When done poorly, a cold email can reflect badly on your business and lose a potential sale. However, when done well, it’s a fantastic way to convert prospects into customers.

But what is cold email? And how should you use it for your Knowledge Commerce business?

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What Is Content Marketing? Definition, Benefits, Types and Examples


If you’re new to content marketing, we’ve got you covered. It’s not as difficult or as time-consuming as it sounds, but it does require a bit of knowledge.

Fortunately, you’re in the Knowledge Commerce business.

As you create digital products for your customers, you’ll need a way to market them. Content marketing is the best strategy we’ve found to not only reach your audience, but convert them into customers.

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10 Step Checklist To Creating Content That Sells

Here at Kajabi, we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Alex Fergus, a fitness & wellness instructor, is one of our esteemed #KajabiHeroes who recently shared his storym as well as some of the tips and tricks he’s used to become successful.

We’re going to break down some of the lessons, tips, and experiences Fergus shared with us (if you want to watch our interview with Alex, click here). Additionally, we’ve prepared a special downloadable document to help you replicate Fergus’s success.

Alex Fergus: A Knowledge Commerce Professional


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How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar in 2018: 31 Easy Tips

Some people are born with the ability to write well. They naturally understand sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and phrasing.

But they’re not the only ones who can write well. You can learn how to improve your writing skills and grammar. It might take time, but you’ll thank yourself when you can produce reams of glowing prose.

No, you don’t have to pull out your high school English textbooks. Many of the best tips for writing well come from practice and from reading.

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How To Create High Converting Landing Pages 2018: 15 Best Practices

Landing pages are the bread and butter of many businesses. This is especially true in Knowledge Commerce. You need a way to funnel your traffic to a specific destination that might help consumers convert.

You might already have landing pages, but do they help your bottom line? If not, you might need to make a few adjustments to turn them into high-converting landing pages.

It doesn't have to involve a complete overhaul. In fact, sometimes the smallest changes can yield the biggest results, such as altering the color of a CTA button or exchanging the image for a more relevant one.

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