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How To Create A Community Around Your Brand

What do companies like Apple, Harley Davidson, Lululemon, and even Kajabi have in common?

Our best “spokesperson” is a single loyal customer. No paid media or organic traffic could ever do more for our business (and yours!) as much as a single happy and loyal customer.

But what’s even more powerful than a single devoted spokesperson? That’s right. An entire loyal, supportive, engaged community. From tech darlings to the folks with “loud pipes save lives” stickered on their bumper, it’s been proven…creating a community around your brand has long-lasting, profitable benefits.

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6 Ideas To Help You Brainstorm Your Online Course

You’ve probably seen them before…

Those digital entrepreneurs working online, wherever and whenever they want, making incredible incomes for themselves and their families by selling online courses. From beauty tutorials to in-depth corporate training, there seems to be no industry where an online Knowledge Commerce business can’t be created.

Wherever someone wants (or needs) to enhance their skills, learn new tools, or just indulge more deeply in whatever they’re passion might be, there are creative people selling information directly to them.

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The Anatomy Of A Successful Online Info-Product Business

Many people (including us here at Kajabi) think running an online info-product business is about as good as it gets. When you hear others talk about their “dream business”, many describe the benefits of a digital business whether they know it or not.

Think about it...

This kind of business requires little start up cost and you never have to worry about buying or holding inventory, paying for shipping, or anything associated with physical products. Unless you really want to.

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9 Tools In One: How Kajabi Is Helping People Save Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours

Do you remember what running an online business was like just a handful of years ago?

Digital entrepreneurs had to hire in-house programmers, cough up cash for expensive plug-ins, and somehow magically string together countless software applications to the point where they’d forget what they were actually paying for.

It was truly the Wild West of online commerce.

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10 Quick & Easy Knowledge Commerce Lead Magnets

Whether you teach an online course, run a membership site, or sell other types of digital products, using lead magnets to build your email list is always your number one priority.

This is the first step you take in creating a relationship with your soon-to-be customer.

Offering something of value for free or at a low entry-level price is a quick way to not only build your tribe but also to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and can actually help them.

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