Introducing Kajabi Video Stats

We are beyond excited to announce a brand new feature now available in Kajabi!

You can now track your video stats and view heatmaps from directly within the Kajabi dashboard.

Being able to view video stats empowers users to analyze how many of your viewers are engaged and at what points their engagement peaks or declines. 

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Spotlight: Redux and the Power of Kajabi Landing Pages

This week's Landing Page Spotlight goes to Redux!

We want to make sure you make the most of your landing pages, so we'll also include some additional tips and tricks for marketing your content. 

Watch the video, or read below to find out more!


Redux features a video player in the hero section at the top, which opens up a large formatted player for your members.

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Kajabi Success: Graphic Designer Made 20k in 5 days!

Russ Perry, Design Pickle - 20k in 5 days

Russ isn’t your average patron seeking passive income. In fact he already runs a successful graphic design firm, helping people and businesses alike create a new image and presence online. 

While countless business owners attempt to maximize profits by adjusting prices, sending out flyers, hiring sales teams, and countless other measures, Russ decided to use Kajabi to create a course to assist his clients on their creative projects. With a bit of creative thinking, the gap between clients’ use of their services, and their understanding of said services was bridged by the way of sharing Russ’s knowledge online.

We recently sat down with Russ Perry of design pickle to talk about his online success.

From Problem to Solution

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Success Story: Tiffany Bymaster aka "Coach Glitter"


Tiffany's story starts out a bit differently than most. She actually met Kenny and Travis (co-founders of Kajabi) a couple of years before she got started teaching online. While doing makeup and design work for her mentor, Chalene Johnson, she was introduced to Kajabi by Chalene who has had enormous success on the platform.

One might think that the meeting between Tiffany and Kajabi would spark an instant urge to get up and running on the platform, but as time would tell, that wasn't the case. 

The Power of Observation

If there's one person to exemplify how a lot can change in the course of a year or two, Tiffany would be that person. A couple of short years ago, she had absolutely no idea what an email marketing list was, or how to gain a presence on social media.

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Theme Spotlight: Icarus and Galileo


Introducing two wonderful new Kajabi website themes, Icarus and Galileo!

Check out the video above, or read below, to see all the features these themes have to offer. 


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