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Kajabi Blog

Theme Spotlight: Daniel and Warren


Introducing two new Kajabi website themes! Warren is a wonderful addition to the matching product theme, and Daniel is truly a game changer. Check out our theme spotlight and read more below to learn about these two new additions to our theme library!


If you're already a fan of our Warren product theme, then you're going to LOVE our matching website theme. This is a prime example of how you can utilize two matching themes in Kajabi, to create a single brandable image for your members. Instead of your Categories beind displayed on your main product page, you'll see your sales pages displayed instead. Utilizing large dominant marquees and thumbnails, Warren is perfect for those who wish to have an image heavy presence with less text involved.  


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App Update July 21 2016


By now, you've become familiar with just how powerful of a platform Kajabi is. 

Our developers are constantly updating our app and adding new features to better suit the needs of our members. 

Here's one of our junior developers, Katie, to fill you in on this week's app updates. 


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Landing Page Spotlight: Ogilvy, Massimo, and Perth

Introducing three new landing page themes! Check out the video above for a full overview of Ogilvy, Massimo, and Perth along with the description below!


Perfect for pages that require more text than images or videos, Ogilvy also includes a double Call To Action, allowing for the showcasing of multiple price options. 


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Kajabi + Zapier: Connect & Automate Kajabi With More Than 500 Apps

Your time is valuable. Why waste it doing tedious tasks that a computer could handle for you?

Kajabi's new integration with Zapier gives you that time back. It lets you connect and automate Kajabi with more than 500 apps, so you can focus on your content and not the technical details.

Here's how it works: Zapier watches your apps for new data, and kicks off actions based on the rules that you set. For example, Zapier can:

  • Send Kajabi Form Submissions and Purchases to your favorite email provider.
  • Grant your Paypal customers access to an Offer on Kajabi.
  • Send you a notification whenever a customer purchases an Offer in Kajabi.
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App Updates June 26 2016


We're excited to announce a few major app updates that we're sure you'll love, including our new Facebook pixel integration, and the ability to track Members' progress! 

Here's Katie to give you a rundown on what's new in your Kajabi dashboard! 


You can now integrate your Facebook tracking pixel from directly within your Kajabi dashboard! All you have to do is activate this feature in your integrations tab, then enter your 'pixel id.'

Sales Reports

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