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You may be sitting there wondering what Kajabi University truly has to offer. Well let me tell you! We've created a suite of courses to help you create, market, and sell your digital content online. Not only have we created these courses to help you truly get started on building your dreams into a reality, but we continuously update these courses to insure that you stay up to date on the latest additions to the Kajabi platform. The best part is, we're offering a 14-day FREE trial for you to test drive Kajabi along with our University included with every account! Here are some of the courses Kajabi University currently has to offer: 


Building Blocks 101

Maybe the components and features that make up your Kajabi dashboard look completely familiar to you. Well even if that is the case, one of our founders, Kenny, will walk you through the building blocks that make your site run smoothly. This will not only give you insight to our features in general, but he'll also guide you on how everything should fit together. Kenny's lessons are truly considered building blocks because of the fact that each piece can function on its own, but it takes these features working together to utilize Kajabi to its full potential. 

Course Creation 101

Kajabi founder, Travis, leads off this course with the secrets to creating a successful online business. Following that first lesson, we dive into every feature you'll need to create your online courses. This gives you a general oversight of all the Kajabi features you need to make money selling your knowledge online TODAY. Everything from customizing your themes to creating email broadcasts will be featured in this series and there's much more to come in the future. 

Live with the Founders

One of the benefits of being a member of Kajabi is how engaged the founders, Kenny and Travis, really are. Many people take a step back once they've reached a certain milestone of success, but that's definitely not the case here. Every single day, Kenny and Travis are hard at work in the Kajabi headquarters thinking of new ways to not only improve our app, but also improve our overall Kajabisphere. What does this mean for our members? Well Kenny and Travis take great pride in producing content directly for our members both new and seasoned. We have our live broadcast on replay for you to watch at any point, which includes a Q & A session regarding the application overall. This certainly won't be the only one, as we will continue to bring you videos of the founders in the future. They love creating their own Kajabi content for one simple reason... They believe in YOU and know you can succeed.  

So What Does the Future Hold?

We'll be adding a third main course to Kajabi University in the future called Sales & Marketing 101. This is the final chapter of information needed to not only build your courses, but also market them and grow your audience. Along with our final major module going up, we'll also add mini courses and content as time goes on as well. Our mini courses will include things such as "A Beginner's Guide to Creating an Online Course" or even how to create a profitable course in a single weekend. Be sure to enroll today so you'll be the first one to hear about all of our content updates and additions. You won't want to miss out on the future of Kajabi University!

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As the graphic above shows, our platform includes everything you need to build, sell, and grow your online empire. Not only have we given you all the tools you need to learn how to sell your content online for a profit, but now we've even cleared the first major hurdle for you with our FREE trial. With a free Kajabi trial and our Kajabi University included with your account, there is no longer an excuse to not get started selling your knowledge online TODAY!  

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