Apple TV Meets Your Kajabi

When we first made our announcement that Kajabi University is now on Apple TV, we hinted that you, too, would be able to host your own courses on it :-)

Well, we’re here to confirm your suspicions and show you the future of course consumption.



Pretty soon, you’re going to able to launch your own brand on Apple TV. That means your customers are going to access your Kajabi courses right from their television.

Amazing, right?

Here’s just a few of the incredible things you’ll be able to do:

1. Launch your own brand on Apple TV

2. Make changes to your digital products on the fly (e.g., create a new post or change copy), and Apple TV will reflect it right away

3. Deliver all your course videos in beautiful HD quality

A New Way To Deliver Your Digital Products

This isn’t just another new feature inside Kajabi. This is an entirely new way for you to get your message out there and expand the limits of your online business.

Our vision for Kajabi since the beginning has been able to help you take control of becoming an expert or celebrity in your space. By having your courses live right on Apple TV where your customers can consume your content, you’re that much closer.

Watch the video we filmed above to get a first-hand demo of how your online courses will look like on Apple TV.

Also, if you want to take a peek at what online courses will look like on Apple TV, you can watch Kajabi University on it right now! Do us a favor and leave a review to show us some love :-)


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