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Guide To Digital Entrepreneurship With #kajabihero Erica Ziel

Here at Kajabi, we like to celebrate the people who use our platform to tremendous success. One example is entrepreneur Erica Ziel, a #KajabiHero whose brand started with the hugely successful Knocked-Up Fitness.

Ziell focused on helping pregnant women stay in shape safely and effectively. She has several products under that brand, including online courses and physical media.

She's also the proprietress of Core Athletica, an umbrella brand that features her front-and-center. Ziel offers personal training sessions in core strengthening and Pilates.

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How to Create An Online Course Like #kajaibhero Irene Pavico

Every once in a while, we’re fortunate enough to sit down in our offices with one of our Kajabi Heroes and pick their brains about their success. We love learning about how people have turned their knowledge into income through Kajabi.

Recently, we had a video interview with Irene Pavico, an accomplished videographer and post-production professional. She teaches a course called The iPhone Film School, which teaches people just like you how to film professional-quality videos using just your iPhone.

Irene knows that shooting video can be intimidating for many people — especially those in the Knowledge Commerce field who want to teach their knowledge, but feel uncomfortable in front of a camera.

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Blog Your Passion With This Week’s #kajabihero

Today I am so happy to be interviewing another #kajabihero. Jonathan Milligan is with us today and his brand is called Blogging Your Passion. His goal is to help people build an online audience centered around blogging.

In 2009 Jonathan started a career coaching business and by 2011 he was able to leave his day job and concentrate full time on his blogging venture. At the same time he also had the idea to start a second brand, which focused on teaching people how to blog and monetize what they are passionate about.

The best thing about Kajabi is that it enables people to do exactly that. I love hearing about people who can take what they love and share it online with others.

How It Began

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Try Something Sweet With This Week’s #kajabihero

Today’s interview is very different and very unique, and I actually had no idea it existed until I found it on Kajabi.

I am privileged to be speaking with Shannon O’Brien, founder of iSugar University. She is a licensed esthetician which means she works in skin care, and she uses Kajabi to teach people how to become certified in body sugaring.

Along with her online courses, Shannon also owns a brick-and-mortar business called “Sugar Mama’s”.

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Turn Your Side Passion Into Your Next Business With This Week’s #kajabihero

I am so stoked to have this week’s Kajabi Hero in the office with me today. I met Chris Becker over ten years ago, and at the time he actually had an photography school business online. He’s been in the photography business for over twenty years, but he’s actually a Kajabi Hero for his online health and wellness business. He was in town shooting a few weddings and I was thrilled to have him in the office for our interview.

As a single guy doing well for himself in the photography business, he was eating out a lot and traveling, and started to become concerned about his weight and his health. Having always struggled with his weight for many years, he decided to take the steps to do something about it. He started a Facebook group to get others involved and before he knew it he had an online following who were seeing results in their own lives.

Chris has lost over 100 pounds so far, and along with the physical changes Chris has also experienced internal changes as well. He feels better, has more energy, and is more confident about himself.

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