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Theme Spotlight: Icarus and Galileo


Introducing two wonderful new Kajabi website themes, Icarus and Galileo!

Check out the video above, or read below, to see all the features these themes have to offer. 


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Kajabi Summer App Update

With the end of summer fast approaching, the team at Kajabi has been working diligently to bring our valued members the best features for selling their passion online. 

While many families have been away on summer vacations, that's not the case with the Kajabi team. 

We strive to create nothing short of the best platform for creating a website to sell your knowledge online. 

Check out the video below to see the newest features now available in the Kajabi dashboard!

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Have You Checked Out Kajabi University Yet?

You may be sitting there wondering what Kajabi University truly has to offer. Well let me tell you! We've created a suite of courses to help you create, market, and sell your digital content online. Not only have we created these courses to help you truly get started on building your dreams into a reality, but we continuously update these courses to insure that you stay up to date on the latest additions to the Kajabi platform. The best part is, we're offering a 14-day FREE trial for you to test drive Kajabi along with our University included with every account! Here are some of the courses Kajabi University currently has to offer: 


Building Blocks 101

Maybe the components and features that make up your Kajabi dashboard look completely familiar to you. Well even if that is the case, one of our founders, Kenny, will walk you through the building blocks that make your site run smoothly. This will not only give you insight to our features in general, but he'll also guide you on how everything should fit together. Kenny's lessons are truly considered building blocks because of the fact that each piece can function on its own, but it takes these features working together to utilize Kajabi to its full potential. 

Course Creation 101

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Theme Spotlight: Daniel and Warren


Introducing two new Kajabi website themes! Warren is a wonderful addition to the matching product theme, and Daniel is truly a game changer. Check out our theme spotlight and read more below to learn about these two new additions to our theme library!


If you're already a fan of our Warren product theme, then you're going to LOVE our matching website theme. This is a prime example of how you can utilize two matching themes in Kajabi, to create a single brandable image for your members. Instead of your Categories beind displayed on your main product page, you'll see your sales pages displayed instead. Utilizing large dominant marquees and thumbnails, Warren is perfect for those who wish to have an image heavy presence with less text involved.  


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Kajabi Success: Healthy Habits Happy Moms

Lauren, Annie, and Jennifer are the founders of Healthy Habits Happy Moms, a website devoted to the community of women and mothers who desire to learn more about healthy living and fitness. Through their online courses, website, and blog, they have helped thousands of women across the globe.

Recently, we caught up with Lauren from HHHM to learn more about their journey and frustrations of trying to piece together their online business before finding Kajabi. Using multiple online tools proved to be a headache for them, but within a matter of a couple of months after releasing courses on Kajabi, they’ve made over $20,000!


More About The Founders

Lauren, Annie, and Jennifer of Healthy Habits Happy Moms all share two things in common. Not only are all three of them mothers, but each of them has taken the leap to turning their passion into profits.

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