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The Untold Secrets of “Knowledge Commerce” Entrepreneurs

3 Non-Techy Strategies That Create Breakthrough Success Online

If control, freedom, and doing what you love are things that keep you up at night, then today’s article is one you’ll most likely enjoy.

We’re taking a quick detour from our technical do’s and don’ts, and instead head down the less talked about path of what really makes entrepreneurs successful. Especially ones like you who want to share what they know with the world through online courses, membership sites, and digital products.

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Forwarder Mid-Cycle Recap

Welcome to our first ever mid-cycle recap!

As usual, our team of mad scientist developers are hard at work, writing code and what not. But instead of waiting until the end of the cycle to show you all our new features we want to give you a behind the scenes look at what's coming.

We are currently in the middle of our Forwarder Build Cycle, where the entire goal of the cycle is to help you move forward with your business. So some of our goals include things like helping you eliminate roadblocks, saving you time, and automating your business.

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Kajabi, You, and the GDPR

As a Kajabi customer and a member of the online “Knowledge Commerce” revolution, you have the unique opportunity to reach people in Paris, France, even if you live in Paris, Texas…or reach out to Athens, Georgia, from Athens, Greece!

No doubt about it, this worldwide marketing potential represents additional and growing income for many of you. As a result, no matter where you’re located, you’ve probably heard a lot by now about the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which requires compliance by May 25, 2018.

Kajabi’s #1 core value is the #KajabiHero; you, our customers. We’re not only committed to the compliance of our platform for our own needs but yours as well. We’ve got your back!

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17 Tips on How to Write a Great Article Conclusion for Your Blog

We’re not going to lie: Writing great conclusions for your blog articles can be tough. You’ve already shared the meat of your content with your audience, so what else is left to say?

It’s important to nail your conclusions, though. We’ll explain why in a moment.

But first, you need to understand the conclusion’s purpose in your article. It’s designed to bring the article full circle and reinforce the statements you’ve made.

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What Is Messenger Marketing & How to Use Facebook Chatbot in 2018

Messenger marketing has become an increasingly popular option among entrepreneurs across all industries and niches. It can prove particularly beneficial for those in Knowledge Commerce, however — especially those who operate one- or two-person businesses.

Did you know that almost one billion people spend time on Facebook Messenger each month? That’s a ton of people, many of whom are likely in your target audience.

Best of all, Facebook Messenger isn’t just a single tool or channel. You can use it in myriad ways to keep in touch with your customers, field questions, offer support, and market your online courses.

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