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How We Created One of Our Most Successful Campaigns. A behind the scenes tutorial.

So many of our members want to know exactly how we, the Kajabi team, put together our own marketing campaigns...

“I love what you guys did! How do I do it myself?” is a question that we come across often.

So we want to start giving you more behind-the-scenes tutorials on how we use the Kajabi platform to run our own campaigns.

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Big Things are Happening at Kajabi!


In 2010, Kajabi started out as an idea to help people get their knowledge online and monetize it.

Over the years we’ve seen people's businesses thrive, lives change and impacts are felt across the globe by sharing their knowledge on our platform.

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Your Online Business Platform: Kajabi Or ClickFunnels?


Have you ever experienced “Platform Opportunity Overwhelm”?

If you’ve ever considered moving your offline in-person business online or launching something totally new for the first time, our guess is you have. Maybe you’re even going through it right now!

Trying to find the right online platform can not only be tedious and time-consuming, but at times a little overwhelming. Right? 

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The Future of Online Business: Driven Women & Knowledge Commerce

Did you know that women-owned businesses are growing 5x faster than the national average?

And get this...1 out of every 5 “Million Dollar Businesses” is owned by a woman!

These stats are according to “The 2017 State Of Women-Owned Businesses Report” commissioned by American Express each year, showing that the rise of women-owned businesses will only continue to grow.

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Kajabi’s Biggest Announcement of 2018: Automations Without Confusion


Here's the replay video of Flip The Switch: Automations without Confusion!

Irvine, CA: On July 25th, 2018, Kajabi announced the release of their game-changing new Automations tool during a one-of-a-kind special event called Flip The Switch. While Kajabi has become known as the go-to platform for digital entrepreneurs who sell their knowledge online through online courses, coaching, or other digital products, with the release of Automations, it has now truly become an “all-in-one” Knowledge Commerce platform.

Kajabi CEO, Kenny Reuter, led the event and showcased how some of the leading online influencers have now chosen to become part of the Kajabi Family. Well-known authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers such as Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Billy Gene, Dean Graziosi, Amy Porterfield, and James Wedmore.

Noted Accomplishments:

  • Kajabi has now transacted well over $500,000,000 of digital sales through its platform.
  • Added over 1,085 new #kajabiheroes in the past 6 months.
  • Created more than 68,680 new digital products in the past year.
  • And a staggering 121% increase in customer sales on the platform since last July.

Automations Without Confusion

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