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What is A/B Testing, How it Works, Why You Should A/B Test & Examples


You’ve probably heard of A/B testing before. It’s a common web analytics approach when you need to refine a process or asset.

In marketing, A/B testing can result in better advertising creative, email newsletters, landing pages, and more. But first you need to understand how it works, why it’s important, and what the best practices have become.

We’re going to guide you through the process of A/B testing your marketing materials from start to finish. That way, when you’re ready to design your own materials, you won’t have to start from square one.

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Which Online Course Platform Should You Use: Kajabi vs Thinkific [UPDATED 2018]

kajabi vs thinkific

With so many online course platforms out there today, you probably feel overwhelmed by the decision over what you should use.

Maybe you researched two competitors and thought to yourself, “Well, platform A has feature X but not feature Y, and platform B has feature Y but not feature X...”

In frustration you pull at your hair feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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19 Ways to Create Awareness & Generate Leads for Your Brand in 2018

When you create awareness for your brand, you increase your chances of generating leads — not to mention sales. Creating awareness sounds difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our #KajabiHeroes prove that anyone can create a brand worth watching.

But how do you create awareness for your brand? And what does that awareness do for your lead-generation efforts? We’re going to explore the answers to those questions today.

First, though, let’s define your brand.

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What is Consumer Behavior in Marketing and Why Is it Important?

Major corporations, from Ford to Apple, have spent billions (if not trillions) of dollars studying consumer behavior. They want to know how consumers make buying decisions and what influences those decisions.

Your company might not be as big as Ford or Apple, but your annual revenue doesn’t decrease the value of consumer behavior. The more you know about what drives your target customers’ buying decisions, the more Knowledge Commerce products you can sell.

Since you probably don’t have billions or trillions of dollars to spend, however, you have to get creative about collecting and analyzing consumer behavior data. That’s okay. We’re going to walk you through the process and share several methods for getting to know your customers more thoroughly.

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Power Words: List of 200 Words That Will Boost Your Conversions

We’ve all heard the old axiom about the pen proving mightier than the sword. As it turns out, it’s true.

Power words prove the rule. A power word (also sometimes confused as a trigger word) is a word that evokes an emotion and a response. It instills in people the desire or need to respond to whatever you’re presenting them with.

That’s great for entrepreneurs and marketers. If you can use power words to boost your conversions and build your following, your business will become healthier as a result.

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