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Member Progress, Video Stats, and Multi-Currency

Today, we’re announcing new game-changing features to Kajabi...

One of them is going to seriously expand the reach of your online business and the other is going to help you significantly improve your student’s learning experience.

Build A Global Business With Multi-Currency*

When selling online courses, you don’t want to limit your potential customer base by offering only one currency, you want the flexibility to set any type of currency that meets your audience.

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Happy Halloween From Kajabi!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Kajabi!

Because we love Halloween around the Kajabi office so much, we filmed a special video for you to add a bit of spooky fun to your day ;-)

At Kajabi, we believe everyone has a passion to share and that there are people (even dinosaurs, eek - video spoiler) who can really benefit from that knowledge.

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New Kajabi Features: Built-In Integrations & App Achievements

We want to share with you some pretty cool features we’ve rolled out that you may not have yet heard about :-)

Both of these features are going to make it easier to run your business and guide you on the path of finding success with turning your passion into profit with Kajabi.

Track Your Successes With Achievements

We strongly believe that it’s important to take pause and celebrate what you’ve done so far on Kajabi because it’s not just about making money (though that's awesome and our #KajabiHero's are loving it), it’s also about all the small successes along the journey of digital entrepreneurship.

Whether you’ve built your first product (yay!) or set up a landing page (woohoo!), that’s something to be proud of (blog high-five).

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How Zach Spuckler Built a Six-Figure Online Business in One Year

Rock Your Launch the Heart, Soul, & Hustle Way: How Zach Spuckler Built His Online Business and How it Can Work for You Too

While most 22 year-olds were drowning in student debt, and drudging through a job they hate day in and day out, Zach Spuckler generated $120k through his online business: Heart, Soul, & Hustle.

And that was his first year.

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"Netflix" Style Offers (Monthly Subscription) & Advanced Drip | Kajabi

UPDATE: Netflix style offers walkthrough video now added!

We have two new features we want to introduce to you, both of which are going to radically change the way you sell digital content today, so buckle up and let's roll.

Netflix Style Offers

Why do people love Netflix so much? Because for a monthly subscription, they get access to an evolving library of content right at their fingertips.

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