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What Is Opt-In Email Marketing: Definition, Example, and Template

When you visit your mailbox every day, do you carry a stack of unsolicited flyers, postcards, circulars, and other advertisements?

That’s called outbound marketing. It’s a spray-and-pray approach that marketers use to spread their messages as far and wide as possible. They know that most of their ads wind up in the recycling bin.

Opt-in email is a completely different form of marketing. It’s an inbound approach that Seth Godin termed “permission marketing.” In other words, you’re getting your prospect’s permission to receive communications from your brand.

Why is that important? 

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Build Thriving Business Relationships With This Week's #kajabihero

Every relationship needs healthy boundaries. Honesty. And even security.  

But even the best of intentions can lead to crossing the line and taking on the weight of things that shouldn’t even be on your shoulders. Dishonesty can creep in. And insecurities can hurt your relationships.

Can you agree with that?

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Introducing The Kajabi Assistant


Over the last few months, we have secretly been building out a new feature inside Kajabi that's going to help you easily navigate the platform and work more efficiently.

Today, we're happy to announce that this feature is finally available inside all Kajabi accounts!


The Kajabi Assistant

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PayPal Is Now Live Inside Kajabi!


Our number one core value at Kajabi is helping our users share their passion online and become #kajabiheroes, while making the journey as easy as possible.

One of the ways we do this is with a built-in shopping cart inside Kajabi that makes getting paid for your work struggle-free.

But we understand there are some limitations to the current system and sometimes you need additional functionality to really grow your business…

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have officially released our PayPal integration to the world!

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Show Up For Your Business With This Week's #kajabihero


Imagine your business is a living breathing person.

You’ve made a commitment to them, and at the beginning of your relationship you planned out how your life together would look.

What would happen if you started standing them up for dates? What if instead of engaging and being fully present with them every single day you sat on the couch watching Netflix and playing around on social media?

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