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Kajabi Blog

Filming an Online Course: Video Lighting 101

After our last #Kajabi tutorial on camera gear for filming your online courses, we got a ton of feedback from you guys on different videos you would love to see us do.

So, inspired by Jon (hi, Jon πŸ‘‹ ) we wanted to show you guys simple techniques to step up your lighting game while filming your courses. 

To start, let's talk about filming while seated at a desk, which is the method that many people use for their online courses. One of the most important tips to note is to place your desk right in front of an open window, doing so will allow for natural light to be your main source and will give you a more even look. This setup is best for when you want to have a computer in front of you. 

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Email Marketing Strategy: 11 Tips To Improve Your Strategy & Sales

Creating an effective email marketing strategy is essential if you want to sell more online courses and build your personal brand. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

An email marketing strategy lays the groundwork for an effective campaign. If your strategy improves, your sales are likely to experience a simultaneous spike.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t give email marketing the attention it deserves. They send out sporadic announcements and other content, but they don’t track the results of their strategies or refine their techniques as their brands grow.

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Announcing Events: A New Kajabi Building Block

This is a very special Feature Rollup we’re sharing with you today…

We’ve been alluding to this moment for a while during our Ascender cycle, and we’re finally ready to lift the curtain. You can say we saved the best for last ;-)

Today’s update isn’t just a new shiny new feature addition, it’s an entirely new building block inside the Kajabi platform!

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Leverage Your Expertise Into An Online Platform With This Week's #kajabihero

This week’s Kajabi Hero Michele Armstrong comes to us all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland. I had such a great time chatting with her and I know her story will inspire you as well!

Her passion is learning and helping others in the community to do the same. 

Like so many others who use Kajabi, Michele started her career by meeting with people face-to-face and in real time. For two decades she taught others, met with them, and interacted with them as apart of her daily job.

It wasn’t until only last year that she started toying with the idea of putting something up online in order to share her knowledge and experience with a much wider audience base.

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How To Write A Marketing Plan: 10 Tips To Improve Your Strategy

Learning how to write a marketing plan can help you grow your business much faster than you would without it. It might sound tedious, but it helps you better understand how you can serve your customers.

It’s just as important as your business plan, so don’t skip this essential step as you build online courses and other digital products.

There’s no definitive template for a marketing plan, but you need several key ingredients if you want it to inform your marketing strategy. We’ll explore those 10 essential ingredients as well as delve into the reasons you need to learn how to write a marketing plan.

What Is a Marketing Plan? 

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