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Live Vs. Pre-Recorded Webinars: Pros, Cons, and Case Studies

We’ve talked about webinars here on the Kajabi blog before, but we know that many of you are interested in diving deeper into this subject. You want to connect with prospects, gain more leads, and sell more online courses.

Webinars — whether live or pre-recorded — can help you achieve those goals.

You might have heard about the exciting new feature that we’ve recently rolled out for our Kajabi customers: Events. You can now host live webinars, as well as other events, right from the Kajabi platform.

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How to Sell Using Webinars: Increase Sales of Your Online Courses

Learning how to sell using live webinars can make your business thrive in ways you can’t anticipate. Live video has become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs in every industry because it’s intimate, engaging, and ripe for conversions.

Research compiled by Invesp demonstrates that conversion rates on webinar registration pages can go as high as 45 percent if you build a custom page. There isn’t any reliable data yet for conversions on offers in webinars, but since webinars have been increasing steadily in popularity, they’re clearly a good way to bring in more leads and to boost conversions.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. You don’t produce a webinar just for the fun of it — though, of course, it should be fun. Instead, you do it to increase sales. Let’s talk about how to sell during webinars.

How Can You Make Money From Webinars? 

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Find Your Voice With This Week’s #kajabihero

This week’s Kajabi Hero is very inspiring and I was so excited to sit down with her and hear her story from start to finish.

Elissa Weinzimmer is the founder of Voice Body Connection in New York City, where she teaches people how their voice works and how to use it more effectively.

She works with singers, performers, public speakers, and fitness coaches to improve their vocal health and confidence.

Turning Life's Hardships Into A Passion

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36 Types of Marketing Strategies & Tactics to Grow Your Business


Let’s talk about marketing for a minute. It sounds like a fairly simple topic, but it’s broader than you think. In fact, we’ve come up with 36 distinct marketing strategies and tactics that you can use to grow your business.

Finding and using different types of marketing strategies can make your brand stronger and your customers more likely to convert. If you try something new and unexpected, you’ll attract engaged followers and consumers who want to learn more.

Does this mean that you should use 36 different types of marketing strategies? Probably not. You don’t have the time or resources to tackle all 36, and you’d risk diluting your brand if you tried.

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Filming an Online Course: Video Lighting 101

After our last #Kajabi tutorial on camera gear for filming your online courses, we got a ton of feedback from you guys on different videos you would love to see us do.

So, inspired by Jon (hi, Jon 👋 ) we wanted to show you guys simple techniques to step up your lighting game while filming your courses. 

To start, let's talk about filming while seated at a desk, which is the method that many people use for their online courses. One of the most important tips to note is to place your desk right in front of an open window, doing so will allow for natural light to be your main source and will give you a more even look. This setup is best for when you want to have a computer in front of you. 

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