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Theme Spotlight: Warren

The Warren product theme emphasizes the use of large images throughout your product. The images in your post, are not only displayed at the top as a marquee, but also in the pagination buttons for course navigation. Instructors can be showcased at the bottom of your page, allowing for a more extensive instructor bio. A fully customizable and expandable sidebar menu can assist your students with quicker access to course content. The theme is fully responsive on both mobile devices and tablets.

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Theme Spotlight: Mist

The Mist Product theme was built around the idea of single-post products with downloads. Your content is featured with a beautiful, simplistic design with a large accent image as the backdrop. For products with more than one post, an expandable sidebar will display categories and posts for easy navigation throughout your product. A Welcome Post can be set, or you can simply drop your users directly into your first post.

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Theme Spotlight: Classic

This is the one that started it all for us in the original Kajabi. With over 200 million dollars in sales, this theme has been the standard bearer for digital content sales for over 5 years. Now, we’re building on the success of this theme and we’ve refined it for the modern digital landscape.

Classic Product

Classic is a sleek, modern take on a timeless, fan-favorite theme that’s perfect for large courses, robust academies, and full-fledged membership sites because of its strong focus on easy navigation. Horizontal tabs at the top means your users always have an overview of your product and can easily move between categories. Each tab also supports hover drop-down menus, allowing large scale products to be logically grouped and divided. Classic features a helpful sidebar that displays all of your posts within the current category. Users can refer to this navigational hub to jump from post to post, ensuring they will never lose their bearings. 

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Theme Spotlight: Dive

Dive is a beautiful, easy-to-navigate product theme that puts the focus solely on your user’s content consumption.  Every category and post is available right at your customer’s fingertips, keeping your user engrossed without being taken out of the overall experience.

Dive Product

Dive’s clean and modern design is perfect for short, easily digestible courses.  Rather than starting at a product overview page, Dive immediately brings your users into the learning experience.  And because Dive lays out all of the posts in a category on a single page, your users will be more engaged with your content.  Moving between categories is simple as well, as they are neatly displayed at the top of the page.  Like other Kajabi themes, Dive is fully customizable to make your product your own.  If you want your users to have an immersive content experience, look no further than Dive.

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Theme Spotlight: Derby

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our first brand-new theme - Derby.

Derby is a gorgeous, streamlined theme that’s made for both your product and site.

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