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How To Add High-Ticket Coaching To Your Digital Business

Just as a ship leverages the wind to power its sails and moves towards its destination with far greater speed and ease, so too can a digital marketer or entrepreneur leverage existing trends to build a stronger business without the typical burnout.

And if you’ve followed us here at Kajabi for any length of time, you’ve probably heard us talk about how the E-Learning market (what we call Knowledge Commerce) is speeding towards its projected 275 billion dollar valuation by the year 2020.

We beat that drum a lot because it’s like a hurricane-sized wind powering the sailboats of thousands of digital entrepreneurs throughout the world.

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5 Storytelling Templates To Use In Your Marketing

What do the most successful authors, politicians, entertainers, and yes, even digital marketers all have in common? They know the persuasive power of a well-told story.

For thousands of years, humans have been exchanging information and ideas through stories. And as a marketer, this is your business... the sharing of ideas. Long before the iPhone and Facebook Messenger, there were stories. And while the mediums have certainly changed, the power of the message has not.

Our brains are wired to be highly receptive to them, making them one of the best ways to not only communicate your message but to influence those who do hear it.

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10 Tips to 10x Your Affiliate Marketing

As a digital entrepreneur, the longevity of your businesses success rests upon your ability to consistently generate revenue month after month. It’s easily the #1 skill of any business owner.

Which is why relying upon just one course or one product can sometimes be quite dangerous. Just like multiple legs create stability for a stool, so too do multiple revenue streams create stability for your online business and desired lifestyle.

And one of the most effective and easiest ways to create additional income streams online is through the use of affiliate marketing. Whether you run a large business with multiple employees, or a more simple one-person operation, affiliate marketing is something you should be using right now to leverage both your time, income, and opportunities. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing

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11 Ideas To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is as important as ever. We’ve made this point multiple times throughout this blog. While open rates have surely declined over the years, email is still the #1 driver of revenue for most digital entrepreneurs.

So finding ways to improve or optimize your existing email marketing efforts is always something worthy of your time. Especially for those of us who sell digital products.

In today’s article, we’ll cover 11 different ideas to improve this critical part of your business.

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Kajabi’s 5 Commandments Of Knowledge Commerce

Commerce is simply defined as “the activity of buying and selling”.

So when referring to Knowledge Commerce (like we do quite often here at Kajabi) all we’re simply referring to is the process of packaging up your unique expertise or knowledge and selling it online through a variety of digital products.

Each day there are thousands of new customers for online business owners just like you.

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