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Filming an Online Course: Camera Gear 101

Before we get into camera gear and filming set ups, a few disclaimers…

#1: These Are Suggestions, Not Necessities

Keep in mind, the biggest contributor to your online business' success, the only thing that truly matters... is your content.

Your course HAS to be good if you want to succeed.

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What Is Gamification, How it Works & How It Can Help Your Business

We’ve all played games before, but what does gamification have to do with business? Believe it or not, gaming and gamification are two different concepts.

If you want to increase engagement with people who buy your courses, gamification can generate competition and interest while helping your customers learn concepts faster and easier than with other course materials.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of marketing or educational content to an interface that introduces game mechanics. It’s not the same as gaming because it isn’t a separate type of content. Instead, it’s a way to repurpose content that exploits the motivations inherent to games.

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Unlock Your Creativity With This Week's #kajabihero

We’ve all experienced the wonder of observing what human beings are capable of creating.

You stare in awe at a beautiful painting, hear a song that expresses exactly how you feel, or watch wonderful actors performing on a stage, and you wonder why you weren't born with the same gifts.

According to our newest #kajabihero Bob Stromberg, everyone was born with the capacity to be creative!

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How To Create An Amazing Sales Page Today

If you want to sell online courses effectively, you need a sales page. Otherwise, potential customers won’t know how to buy your course.

Since prospects might see your sales page before they know anything about you, the sales page must accomplish several things without overloading the visitor with extraneous information.

In other words, it’s a bit of a juggling act to successfully pull off a sales page. However, it’s certainly not impossible.

What Is a Sales Page?

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What is Pipeline Marketing & How It Works: The Complete Guide


There are lots of different types of marketing: content marketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing — the list goes on. Pipeline marketing might just seem like another buzzword, but it’s actually rooted in dependable data.

As an entrepreneur, you probably have lots of goals for your online courses. You want to share your education, meet new people, create beautiful products, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

However, one goal likely reigns supreme over the others: You want to make money.

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