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What Are Trigger Words & 50 Examples to Increase Conversions in 2018


If you aren’t using trigger words in your headlines, calls to action, and other marketing copy, you should start now. Trigger words can vastly improve your conversion rates on your online courses and bring up your sales.

But what is a trigger word? And why does it matter?

Think of your Knowledge Commerce products as any other merchandise on a brick-and-mortar store shelf. You need to give customers a reason to pick it up, turn it over, imagine themselves using it, and carry it to the checkout counter.

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How to Write Great Headlines in 2018 & Catchy Headline Examples

Great headlines can mean the difference between someone clicking on your article and that same person ignoring it. We’d like to think that we don’t judge books by their covers or articles by their headlines, but that’s not the case.

Writing better headlines can improve your blog more than the articles you write. They can also make your online courses and other digital products more compelling.

But what makes a great headline? Learning how to write great headlines can make your writing more effective, but you might need a blueprint to help you brainstorm ideas.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2018: 35 Strategies That Work

Web traffic isn’t, as many people claim, a simple vanity metric. It’s the law of numbers. Learning how to drive traffic to your website can boost your sales exponentially.

Why? Because more people will get exposed to your brand. They won’t all buy, of course, but a significant portion of them will if you present them with a compelling offer.

We’ve taught you how to build an awesome online course, how to market your business via email, and how to optimize your sales pages, but without traffic, none of those things matter.

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What is Brainstorming, How to Brainstorm & 15 Effective Techniques

The word “brainstorming” might automatically make you cringe. If you’re recalling painful hours spent scribbling ideas for a history lesson back in school, you can let out a sigh of relief.

In Knowledge Commerce, brainstorming isn’t busy work. It’s fundamental to unleashing your creativity and finding new ways to reach your audience.

Without a brainstorming strategy, how will you generate and vet new ideas? How will your team communicate ideas and bounce strategies off one another?

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What is Content Curation, Tools & How to Curate Content Like a Pro

Most of the conversations we hear about content revolve around content creation. In other words, we are talking about creating new articles, blog posts, and other content from whole cloth.

However, that's not the only type of content that exists. Content curation offers a fresh and slightly less time-consuming way to reach your audience and to share your knowledge.

Many professionals in Knowledge Commerce struggled to put out fresh content on a regular basis. They are busy creating online courses and other digital products that they intend to sell to potential customers.

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