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Kajabi vs Teachable: The Best Online Course Platform for 2018

Best Online Course platform - Kajabi vs Teachable

Picking an online course platform to use is hard.

With new platforms popping up daily and promising game-changing features, how do you choose?

You could ask other people on the Internet what they use, but then you realize their business needs are different from yours.

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How to Create An Online Course Like #kajaibhero Irene Pavico

Every once in a while, we’re fortunate enough to sit down in our offices with one of our Kajabi Heroes and pick their brains about their success. We love learning about how people have turned their knowledge into income through Kajabi.

Recently, we had talked with Irene Pavico, an accomplished videographer and post-production professional. She teaches a course called The iPhone Film School, which teaches people just like you how to film professional-quality videos using just your iPhone.

Irene knows that shooting video can be intimidating for many people — especially those in the Knowledge Commerce field who want to teach their knowledge, but feel uncomfortable in front of a camera.

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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel in 2018: 25 Awesome Tips


The best YouTube channels offer compelling content for viewers. In most cases, they teach the viewer something interesting, informative, or educational.

Sure, cat videos and music videos attract their share of clicks, but many people who search for content on YouTube or in the search engines are looking for something they want to learn. If you’re not serving up the solution, you’re missing out on Knowledge Commerce sales.

You already know to use video for your online courses, but what about for attracting a bigger audience and generating sales? That’s where these 35 YouTube promotion tips come into play.

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Starting an Online Business: Simple Marketing Plan

You have chosen your niche, you have created your first ever digital product, and now you have a website set up to sell this product and begin profiting from your knowledge. Where do you go now? 

One of the most frequently asked questions is how do you get your products out into the world, and more importantly into the hands of your ideal customer?

We want to walk you through a simple marketing plan to start your online businessgrow your list, and start selling your online courses. 

2 Types of Traffic: Paid & Free

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What Are Trigger Words & 50 Examples to Increase Conversions in 2018


If you aren’t using trigger words in your headlines, calls to action, and other marketing copy, you should start now. Trigger words can vastly improve your conversion rates on your online courses and bring up your sales.

But what is a trigger word? And why does it matter?

Think of your Knowledge Commerce products as any other merchandise on a brick-and-mortar store shelf. You need to give customers a reason to pick it up, turn it over, imagine themselves using it, and carry it to the checkout counter.

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