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Kajabi Blog

Feature Rollup: Run a Successful Webinar with Kajabi Events

A few weeks ago, we told you about Events, a brand new building block that will allow you to build, market, and sell any type of event through Kajabi.  

The feedback we've received so far has been nothing short of AMAZING.

In today's Feature Rollup, we wanted to take this opportunity to dive a little deeper, clarify some questions about our new building block, and show you what you are going to be able to accomplish!

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Meet Edgar: Our Favorite Tool for Social Media Scheduling

Over the last month, we have been brainstorming different ways to boost productivity and overall effectiveness of Kajabi’s social media accounts.

After not being completely satisfied with our current programs, we did a little research on new and upcoming social media scheduling software.

This is when we met Edgar 😉

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Take A Leap Of Faith With This Week’s #kajabihero

Psychic. When most people hear that word they probably think of someone who tries to tell you some vague information about your future.

This week’s Kajabi Hero Kate Patchett sheds a whole new light on to that term and enlightens us to a world that encompasses much more than that.

Her passion is to help people develop their gut intuition, read their own inner energy, and to teach them how their relationships and what is going on inside of them is all connected.

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Live Vs. Pre-Recorded Webinars: Pros, Cons, and Case Studies

We’ve talked about webinars here on the Kajabi blog before, but we know that many of you are interested in diving deeper into this subject. You want to connect with prospects, gain more leads, and sell more online courses.

Webinars — whether live or pre-recorded — can help you achieve those goals.

You might have heard about the exciting new feature that we’ve recently rolled out for our Kajabi customers: Events. You can now host live webinars, as well as other events, right from the Kajabi platform.

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How to Sell Using Webinars: Increase Sales of Your Online Courses

Learning how to sell using live webinars can make your business thrive in ways you can’t anticipate. Live video has become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs in every industry because it’s intimate, engaging, and ripe for conversions.

Research compiled by Invesp demonstrates that conversion rates on webinar registration pages can go as high as 45 percent if you build a custom page. There isn’t any reliable data yet for conversions on offers in webinars, but since webinars have been increasing steadily in popularity, they’re clearly a good way to bring in more leads and to boost conversions.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. You don’t produce a webinar just for the fun of it — though, of course, it should be fun. Instead, you do it to increase sales. Let’s talk about how to sell during webinars.

How Can You Make Money From Webinars? 

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