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How to Write a Product Description that Sells in 11 Simple Steps

Have you ever read a product description that made the product irresistible? You found yourself unable to imagine life without that product because of the compelling copy.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's almost magical. Great product copy entices consumers to click the "buy" button before they can even begin to rationalize the purchase in their own minds.

If you want to sell more of your online courses and other digital products, you need amazing product descriptions. Learning how to write product descriptions will make your sales pages more effective and will reduce the time you have to spend on marketing.

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What is Growth Hacking, Why it Is Important, Process and Examples

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone wants instant gratification. These challenges can either be assets or challenges for your Knowledge Commerce business.

If you’re anything like the Kajabi team, you want them to become assets.

It’s true that customer service, product development, and marketing are long-term games. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and wait for good things to happen.

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25 Tips on How to Get More Views on YouTube For Free in 2018

Maybe you post daily to your Kajabi blog. Perhaps you have an active email list. You might already be active on social media and host live webinars once a month.


“if you’re neglecting video as a way to market your Knowledge Commerce business, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity. #Kajabi” -- Tweet this!


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Feature Rollup: Assessment Updates, Content Locking, and Internal Offer Titles

Welcome to the first feature roll up of 2018.

We finished our last build cycle (Dauntless) at the end of 2017 and as we entered 2018 we began our newest cycle called Liberator, where are goal is to “liberate” you from different restrictions within the app.

This is probably one of most exciting build cycles to date so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of the new features we have coming your way.

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What is Face-to-Face Marketing, Benefits and How to Use in 2018

These days, many entrepreneurs spend most of their time online. Many don't have offices outside their homes, and they spend their time pursuing digital marketing tactics and creating digital products.

While running an online business can be extremely rewarding, it can also make you feel like you work in a vacuum. You might not ever see or talk to coworkers or even customers except through email and on the phone.

Does this mean that face-to-face communication doesn't have any place in Knowledge Commerce marketing?

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