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What is Benchmarking & How to Do an Effective Competitive Analysis

Benchmarking is a complicated process that many large companies use to perfect their best practices and to outpace the competition. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use benchmarking for your small online business.

In fact, you should use benchmarking, especially if you’re in the Knowledge Commerce market.

What is benchmarking? We’re going to get to that a little later, but for now, we want to paint a quick picture.

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Why Is Email Marketing Important? Benefits of Email for Business

Why email? It’s something we use every day, yet many marketers have yet to embrace the power of email marketing.

You might even use email marketing without understanding how it can impact your business. Consequently, you might not give it the attention it deserves.

We're going to remedy that today. Get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the benefits of email marketing and the rewards you stand to reap if you go about it wisely.

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Feature Rollup: People Updates, Pipeline Blueprint & Sequence Stacking

We have another exciting feature roll up to share with you today!

We are currently in our Dauntless development cycle, where our main goal is to make our app less (you guessed it) “daunting.”

Part of that process involves revisiting current features in the app and doing a little polishing. So in this feature roll up we are going to show you a bunch of minor improvements to several features within Kajabi.

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Blog Your Passion With This Week’s #kajabihero

Today we are so happy to be interviewing another #kajabihero. Jonathan Milligan is with us today and his brand is called Blogging Your Passion. His goal is to help people build an online audience centered around blogging.

In 2009 Jonathan started a career coaching business and by 2011 he was able to leave his day job and concentrate full time on his blogging venture. At the same time he also had the idea to start a second brand, which focused on teaching people how to blog and monetize what they are passionate about.

The best thing about Kajabi is that it enables people to do exactly that. I love hearing about people who can take what they love and share it online with others.

How It Began

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How to Write a Follow-Up Email That Converts Leads Into Customers

Learning how to write a follow-up email can help you convert and retain more customers. That’s the main reason you create online courses, right? You want to make money and reach more people.

As of 2017, businesses collectively send more than 225 billion emails per day. Unfortunately, consumers only open about one-third of the emails they receive.

Not only are you competing against the other businesses that want to reach your target audience, but there’s a good chance that you have less-than-stellar email open rates.

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