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Apple TV Meets Your Kajabi

When we first made our announcement that Kajabi University is now on Apple TV, we hinted that you, too, would be able to host your own courses on it :-)

Well, we’re here to confirm your suspicions and show you the future of course consumption.


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Announcing Our Brand New Page Builder

This is one of the most significant developments we’ve made to date…

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve completely reimagined Kajabi’s page builder!

It's now more flexible, more intuitive, more beautiful and even more powerful than ever...that’s right - it was great and now it's even BETTER.


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Member Progress, Video Stats, and Multi-Currency

Today, we’re announcing new game-changing features to Kajabi...

One of them is going to seriously expand the reach of your online business and the other is going to help you significantly improve your student’s learning experience.

Build A Global Business With Multi-Currency*

When selling online courses, you don’t want to limit your potential customer base by offering only one currency, you want the flexibility to set any type of currency that meets your audience.

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New Kajabi Features: Integrations & Achievements

We want to share with you some pretty cool features we’ve rolled out that you may not have yet heard about :-)

Both of these features are going to make it easier to run your business and guide you on the path of finding success with turning your passion into profit with Kajabi.

Track Your Successes With Achievements

We strongly believe that it’s important to take pause and celebrate what you’ve done so far on Kajabi because it’s not just about making money (though that's awesome and our #KajabiHero's are loving it), it’s also about all the small successes along the journey of digital entrepreneurship.

Whether you’ve built your first product (yay!) or set up a landing page (woohoo!), that’s something to be proud of (blog high-five).

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The Power of Branding Yourself

Rock Your Launch the Heart, Soul, & Hustle Way: How Zach Spuckler Built His Online Business and How it Can Work for You Too

While most 22 year-olds were drowning in student debt, and drudging through a job they hate day in and day out, Zach Spuckler generated $120k through his online business: Heart, Soul, & Hustle.

And that was his first year.

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You can be our next success story.

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