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Kajabi Blog

What is Face-to-Face Marketing, Benefits and How to Use in 2018

These days, many entrepreneurs spend most of their time online. Many don't have offices outside their homes, and they spend their time pursuing digital marketing tactics and creating digital products.

While running an online business can be extremely rewarding, it can also make you feel like you work in a vacuum. You might not ever see or talk to coworkers or even customers except through email and on the phone.

Does this mean that face-to-face communication doesn't have any place in Knowledge Commerce marketing?

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What is Cross-Selling & 6 Strategies to Increase your Cross-Selling

You’re in business to make a profit, right? You want to share your knowledge with the world and impact other people’s lives, but you have to generate revenue if you want to keep your business afloat.

That’s why cross-selling is such a fundamental part of running a successful business.


“Whether you sell online courses or other digital products, you need your customers to fill their virtual carts with as many products as possible. When the transaction value increases, you don’t have to work as hard to generate income. #Kajabi” -- Tweet this!
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Announcing The Kajabi Marketplace: A Storefront of Digital Products

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve opened up the Kajabi Marketplace to the public, a curated storefront of some of the best digital products being sold on Kajabi today!

Imagine a place where students can master new skills by browsing an extensive library of products taught by YOU, the experts... that's what the new Marketplace is.

We want the world to see what you have to offer. You’ll gain exposure and make an impact on other people who have never entered your orbit before, you’ll have a chance to get your courses listed along some of the biggest household names out there, and build more brand authority.

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Kajabi vs Teachable: The Best Online Course Platform for 2018

Best Online Course platform - Kajabi vs Teachable

Picking an online course platform to use is hard.

With new platforms popping up daily and promising game-changing features, how do you choose?

You could ask other people on the Internet what they use, but then you realize their business needs are different from yours.

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How to Create An Online Course Like #kajaibhero Irene Pavico

Every once in a while, we’re fortunate enough to sit down in our offices with one of our Kajabi Heroes and pick their brains about their success. We love learning about how people have turned their knowledge into income through Kajabi.

Recently, we had a video interview with Irene Pavico, an accomplished videographer and post-production professional. She teaches a course called The iPhone Film School, which teaches people just like you how to film professional-quality videos using just your iPhone.

Irene knows that shooting video can be intimidating for many people — especially those in the Knowledge Commerce field who want to teach their knowledge, but feel uncomfortable in front of a camera.

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