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Watch Me Get A Haircut... At Work...

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post filling you in on an unexpected twist my life has taken.

I shared how my wife Kimberly was diagnosed with breast cancer, and how the Kajabi platform has helped me immensely during this journey.

Since that time, Kimberly and I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and love from people all over the world!  It has really meant so much to both of us, and provided much needed encouragement and hope during the challenging times. For that, I thank you.

I’ve gotta brag for a minute about our team here at Kajabi.  I’m so proud to have each and every one of them here. Their support for my family during this difficult time has just further confirmed how great they are, and how I truly view them: as family.  

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How To Use Kajabi + Canva To Deliver A PDF Report

Want a free way to add value to all of your Kajabi courses while helping your students to learn more and retain the information better?

Better yet, how about a simple way to create a valuable lead magnet that you can offer in exchange for an email address?

Design a PDF report with Canva!

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Share The Kajabi Love ❤️

Know someone who’s an expert at something and needs to be sharing their knowledge online?

Invite them to Kajabi with our Kajabi Referral Program!

The Referral Program allows Kajabi users to share the power of Kajabi and enable others to easily sell their knowledge online.

This is also your chance to make even more money by referring your friends, family, and sphere of influence.

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Change Your Perspective On Failure With This Week's #KajabiHero

What is your relationship with failure?

Do you see it as defeat or a stepping stone to something greater?

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How To Write A Blog Post Series To Launch Your Course

There are several ways to warm up your audience for your course launch.

You’re smart. You know that launching takes some preparation.

Throwing your course out there to a cold audience can be hit or miss. But when you prime them for your course launch you can have some great results.

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