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App Updates June 26 2016


We're excited to announce a few major app updates that we're sure you'll love, including our new Facebook pixel integration, and the ability to track Members' progress! 

Here's Katie to give you a rundown on what's new in your Kajabi dashboard! 


You can now integrate your Facebook tracking pixel from directly within your Kajabi dashboard! All you have to do is activate this feature in your integrations tab, then enter your 'pixel id.'

Sales Reports

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Theme Spotlight: Victoria and Balboa


Kajabi is happy to announce a couple of new theme releases! We've rolled out both the Victoria Product theme as well as our Balboa Landing Page theme. In addition to the video above, you can read all about this release below!

Victoria Product Theme

The Victoria product theme features your product thumbnail and overview as your welcome page while utilizing a dropdown menu for categories and posts. From within your Category section, you can not only view your videos, but also download files directly without having to open individual posts. Once your students do open a post, they'll be able to go navigate between their comments and details tab, while the downloads are located neatly at the bottom. The customization options with Victoria are endless, and sure to please!

Balboa Landing Page Theme

Our Balboa landing page theme features multiple 'Call to Action' buttons below multiple features. Within three separate sections of Balboa, you'll be able to add up to 8 showcases for modules, members, and bonus content! Each section allows for full creative freedom while also utilizing multiple CTA buttons, allowing for multiple locations to sell your content. If you decide you don't want as many features that Balboa has to offer, you can modify or turn off anything you desire! Both our Balboa Landing Page and Victoria Product themes are available now!

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Hosting Live Events in a Kajabi Product

Did you know that you can host a LIVE video broadcast from within a Kajabi product? Well we, at Kajabi, are here to show you how we embed our live video feeds into a product for our wonderful members to tune in! 

The first thing we'll do, is create a Product specifically for our webcast. Within this product, you'll want to create a Category, then a Post for the video feed. 


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App Updates June 12 2016


Check out some new features this week, including email broadcasts, form embedding, and Basic Plan code editor!

Technical Support Specialist, Katie, is here to let you know all about them:


Our Email Broadcast feature is now rolled out to everyone! You can access this feature from within your Marketing Tab. 


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Theme Spotlight: Lift and Lagunita


Kajabi is happy to introduce a few new themes this week! We've rolled out our Lift website theme, along with Lagunita website & product theme. Along with the showcase video, you can read all about our new themes below!


The Lift website theme was designed with trainers and coaches in mind. Sales pages are displayed as tiled icons with customizable overlay banners directly above your instructor showcase and bio. Testimonials for your site are shown dominantly at the bottom with large images and text areas. Not only does this allow for a more extensive testimonial, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic of your page. Your members' product library is displayed in the same fashion as the storepage, allowing for a more uniform experience throughout the site. 


Our Lagunita website theme features a introduction video that your members can watch before getting started. This welcome video doesn't even have to be from a product, as you can use a hosted video URL rather than an upload. Directly below your welcome video, your sales page will be tiled above scrolling testimonials. Members' library pages showcase each product with large images front and center for easy navigation. Not only is Lagunita a new website theme, but also a product theme! Within the Lagunita product theme, a post will be utilized as the header marquee, while the categories display below. Within a product category, each post shows a short description before opening. To add to such a wonderful layout, your thumbnails will be used as your Lagunita pagination buttons. 

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